You should have seen the other guy

My sister posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago and I had to post it here too– I couldn’t have come up with a better caption myself: 

That’s our Samantha! Scrapes and bruises are a regular thing for her– especially if we’re just about to take pictures! She is our “tasmanian devil mountain goat,” as I call her– constantly climbing, running, jumping, tumbling, and exploring. This girl has NO FEAR. None.

Running and hitting her face on the corner of the coffee table (that’s how she got the black eye)? No problem! Chasing Bandit and jumping after him into some mean-looking prickly bushes? All in a day’s work.

When we’re at the park, Samantha has no patience for sitting down and dumping/shoveling sand over and over again like all the other kids. Whenever I’ve sat down with her and tried to show her how fun it is, she looks at me like I’ve gone insane. Instead, she’s a little tornado,  busy scaling the play structures, tap dancing atop benches, taking out all the sand toys from my bag and scattering them everywhere, taking a turn on EVERY swing, attempting to play basketball with the big kids, and chasing lizards into bushes.

Translation: Samantha keeps me VERY busy!

Lots of love,


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  1. So cute I love this! We will remember to not call her princess hahaha!