Utah Wrap-Up

The girls’ favorite part about Utah was simply exploring Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Thanks to their big backyard, we didn’t need to get out to the park every day since there was plenty to do outside in the sand box and yard. 
Experimenting with the water table. 
Amelia had the patience to scoop and pour the water over and over again. Samantha didn’t quite get the concept. 
My mom let us take the water table home with us since we’ll be able to enjoy it year-round. The girls still play with it everyday.
Running up and down the hill with Bandit. 
Riding a 25 year old rusted glider– a risky move?
 I found a bunch of old toys from my childhood in one of the closets and brought them out for the girls to play with. The “vintage” toys included tinker toys, brio tracks, American Girl dolls, space tops, and a giant polly pocket. 
Hanging out on the deck was another favorite activity. The girls even kept Grandma company a few times while she finished sewing their Madeline costumes for Halloween. The costumes turned out so cute and I can’t wait for the girls to wear them! (Yes– I plan Halloween three months in advance…actually, this was planned six months in advance 🙂

Introducing, the amazing singing Samantha!

Hello adoring public!

We figured Bandit totally owed us for bringing him all the way to Utah instead of staying at home by himself, so when my dad spotted this random mobile “pet salon” driving by, we called them over to bathe our smelly dog.  Bandit actually enjoyed his little spa getaway!
Nothing says summer like chilling on the stairs, chatting with your best friend. 

Summer in Utah = great memories!

Lots of love,


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