Park Tourists

Samantha and Amelia see themselves as veritable park connoisseurs, so while we were in Utah, it became their mission to survey ALL of the parks there. 
We only ended up making it to the one nearby Grandma and Grandpa’s house because it proved to be everything the girls could ask for (except swings)!
Jungle gym: check. 
Great views: check. 
Enough room for both sisters to try everything out without pushing each other away in a jealous rage: check. 
Uncoordinated toddler accessibility: check. 
A place for Bandit to dig in and keep cool: check. 
Steering wheels: bonus!
Grass on which to lie down and look at the clouds (or Daddy): check. 
Tables to eat on climb up on: check. 
Oh you didn’t want my graham and just wanted a closeup? Happy to oblige. 
So generous.
Awesome circle things: bonus!
And the number one reason the girls gave this park a thumbs up: HORSES!

Country girl!

It’s funny how easy to please on vacation the girls are at this age. Hoping it lasts!

Lots of love,


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