During our Utah/Idaho trip, the girls were absolutely spoiled with attention from aunts, uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas, and their beloved cousins. All vacation long, Samantha and Amelia were begging to see their cousin, Chloee, who is one month older. The last time the three amigos got together was over Christmas, when they were still babies! SNIFF. 
My sister-in-law, Heather, posted this cute collage of all the girls on her Facebook:
Amelia wasted no time trying on all of Chloee’s accessories and playing with her toys. 
Ditto with Samantha. Never mind that they have some of the EXACT same toys at home. It’s always better when it’s at someone else’s house!
Chloee skillfully mediates a conflict over who gets the dolly next. 
Yup. That’s one way to get in a car. 
Put your finger in my mouth. I dare you. 
Thanks for the lift, Chloee!
It’s nice to play with someone other than Samantha sometimes!
After perusing all of Chloee’s toys, we all headed over to Grandma Celeste’s for dinner and playtime outside. 
Duck. Duck. Goose!
Chloee loved feeding Samantha. 
At the end of the evening, Grandma Celeste asked if the girls would like to turn on the sprinklers and run around. Chloee was exuberant, while the twins weren’t so sure. They wouldn’t let us put them within ten feet of the sprinkler, even after I tried to explain it was kind of the like the splash pad. Instead, they simply watched Chloee gleefully leap naked through the water. Party poopers!
On Sunday, we went to Jake’s niece, Maddie’s, homecoming from her mission in Tennessee. All the cousins got to play once more! Samantha and Amelia loved meeting cousins Maddie, Keitra, Olivia, Lacey, Finn, Corbin, and Amelia for the first time. 
Side note: it was really hard to pick names that weren’t already taken since Jake has over fifty nieces and nephews. Amelia’s cousin, Amelia, was honored to share her name!

Samantha didn’t sleep at all during church, so as soon as we got back to Jake’s brother, Tyler’s, house for brunch, Samantha had conked out. She spent the rest of the morning sleeping in one of the bedrooms while Amelia had all the fun.

I used to think Samantha and Amelia were pretty high-energy. They are nothing compared to Chloee. She is a little rocket! Must be the Whitehead genes. 

I’m only going to say it once. GIVE. ME. THE. DOLL. 

She shoots; she scores!

Samantha woke up just in time to catch the last bit of brunch. Her sister was nice enough to feed her stuff her mouth with food. 

We wish we lived closer to all our cousins! Thanks, Chloee, for the fun bonding time!
Lots of love, 

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  1. Cute pictures! We had so much fun seeing you guys! Chloee has so much fun with her cousins three fun wild cute girls!