Twinnie Tuesday: True Confessions from the Double Stroller

This horror story from a fellow twin mom made me laugh out loud! I hope it’s not a glimpse into my own future…

Based on Samantha and Amelia’s penchant for mess-making, I’d say things aren’t looking hopeful. 

Shout out to Jake who’s celebrating his birthday today! So far, the girls and I have made him apple cinnamon pancakes, went jogging with him to get smoothies, took an epic trip to the store to get balloons/a cake, then to Cafe Rio to pick up lunch, and THEN went to meet Jake at work to drop off the goodies. 
Long story short, if you decide to pick up one mylar balloon, you automatically have to buy two or else deal with one twin screaming throughout the store. 
Happy birthday, Jake!
Lots of love, 

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