Twin Mom Karma

Every month, the local Mothers of Multiples Club I belong to has a monthly meeting where we discuss club news, listen to a guest speaker (usually a professional or expert on something twin-specific, or marriage/children-related), and have a raffle at the end.

The meetings are in the evening, but both times for the past two months, the hours leading up to me needing to leave for the meeting have been absolute craziness. Meltdowns. House in chaos. Twins not going down to sleep at their usual hour. Acute teething pain. Migraines from dealing with twins screaming. Me pulling my hair out. You get the idea.

Like this. Only five million times worse. 

Both times the past two months, at the last second, I’ve reasoned that I should stay home and go to bed early or get a badly-needed chore done instead of going to the meeting. Both times, Jake has insisted that I go and get out of the house for my own sanity. If nothing else, he said, I should just go and drive around if I didn’t feel like going to the actual meeting. Both times, I’ve heeded his advice and gone.

And both times, two months in a row I’ve been the winner of the raffle out of over fifty other moms! This is only cool because I’ve literally NEVER won anything in my life that was up to chance. No winning concert tickets for being caller number seven. No free couture baby headbands for entering a blog raffle. Nothing ever.

So imagine my excitement when, at last month’s meeting, the guest speaker drew my name and I won a free copy of his book! It wasn’t the actual prize that was as exciting as it was to actually win something. It’s the little things, people.

Last night, the guest speaker was a professional sleep coach (who knew this was a real job?) who had some awesome tips on helping twins get better sleep and going down to sleep quicker. Her lecture alone was totally worth going to, but the icing on the cake was–you guessed it– that I was the winner of her raffle too. I won a free portrait session and photography package for the girls with a local photographer. Woot!

I totally consider my recent winnings a sign from the universe that my hard work is not going unnoticed. Twin Mom Karma is definitely a thing.

Now all I need is for the girls to have another bad day so that I can test my theory in Vegas 🙂

Lots of love,


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