Quality time with Grandpa

Last week, Samantha and Amelia were so excited for Grandpa to come all the way from Utah and stay with us for a few days!

He definitely knew how to win the girls over, bearing gifts of new books and kick balls.
Grandpa came with us to gymnastics class on Friday and I put him in charge of Amelia– they totally bonded! When Jake got home from work, we ended our day at the beach.
Attempting to put sunglasses on the girls…a lost cause.


Playing King of the Hill.

Who needs a playground when you have a sand slide? 

Amelia’s hair is getting even blonder now that she’s been out in the sun all summer. 

Samantha the adrenaline junky. 

Saturday, we headed up to my cousin, Allison’s, to see her and their adorable new baby! Grandpa and Great Grandpa met us up there in a separate car since we timed it so that we’d head home during the girls’ nap. Aunt Sarah had flown in from Utah to take Noah’s newborn photos so the girls got to hang out with her as well. 
My only cell phone pic of this sweet little boy! I can’t wait to see Sarah’s pictures because the poses they put him in are going to blow up Facebook. Precious doesn’t even begin to describe him. 

While Sarah was busy taking pictures of Noah, the girls had fun terrorizing Allison’s dog, Cooper, and exploring their house. In the first ten minutes, the twin terrors managed to smash a wine bottle on the floor, knock over Cooper’s water bowl, and pick up every garden tool on the patio. This is WITH two adults supervising them.

In that vein, I’m thinking of starting a baby-proofing business with Samantha and Amelia. All I would have to do is bring them over to the client’s house, set them loose, and write down everything they smash, eat, or get into. Genius!

 Samantha decided to climb into this wheelbarrow all by herself and spent a record ten minutes of uninterrupted activity putting rocks in a bucket. I decided not chasing her around for a few minutes was worth the dirt on her dress and let her be. 

Sunday, the girls spent the afternoon at the splash pad and pool with Grandpa and then it was time to drive Aunt Sarah to the airport. Grandpa left the next day and the girls (and Bandit, who received many quality walks while he was here) were quite distraught at his departure. If only he lived closer!

Lots of love, 

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