On the path to civilization

Ever since I bought the girls some new suction cup toddler bowls and toddler silverware when they were a year old, we’ve slowly been practicing how to eat like human beings instead of tiny barbarians.
We started out our “big girl learning time” a few times per week…less depending on my level of sanity and patience that day.
Big girl learning time OVER.
Hey, where’d you take my bowl?
Getting the hang of it.


Show off.


Now she’s just taunting me.


Overall, Amelia has been the better student, displaying less hubris than her class clown of a sister.
Like this, mom?


At least she has a good attitude about it.


The past week, we’ve really had a breakthrough and the girls have been eating with spoons and bowls three meals a day–oatmeal and fruit in the morning, yogurt and fruit for a snack in the afternoon, and whatever can be put in a bowl for dinner that day (rice, peas, veggies, etc.)


It’s not perfect, but we’re making progress.


Sometimes, it’s one step forward, and two steps back.
Now onto plates and forks!
Lots of love,

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