Library Twinvasion

Library patrons beware. 

Samantha and Amelia are here!

Saturday, we took the girls to the library to check out their collection of board books. That was the idea, anyway. In reality, we spent the entire time chasing around Samantha and Amelia, who were screaming in delight and begging to pull down the oversized stuffed animals sitting atop the shelves, knocking books this way and that and disregarding any and all practices of public decorum.

After about 2.5 seconds, I had Jake take the girls out to the conveniently situated park next door, where they could roam around in their natural environment so that I could pick out some books for them.

On a positive note, I’ve decided that the library = heaven. I haven’t been there since I was pregnant with the girls, but now that I’m a M.O.M., I can more fully appreciate its peaceful environment. Books. Organization. Solitude. SILENCE. In essence, an oasis. I think I’ve found my new hiding place.

 In other news, Samantha and Amelia were so excited to welcome their new baby cousin, Noah, into the world today! They loved looking at his pictures and can’t wait to meet him this weekend!

Cousin count on my side of the fam bam: four.
Cousin count on Jake’s side: fifty-one.
Clearly, Samantha and Amelia have no shortage of playmates!

Lots of love,


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