Yesterday during morning naps, Samantha fell asleep a lot later than Amelia, so I had the girls napping in separate rooms so as not to disturb each other. While Samantha slept in our master bedroom, Amelia was slightly awake in her crib, but since she usually sleeps a little bit longer, I left her there, figuring she would just go back to napping.

A few minutes later, I was in the master bedroom tiptoeing around Samantha while putting away some laundry, when I heard a little knock and a scratch scratch at the door. My first thought was, “Dumb dog!” But then I realized Bandit was already in the room under the bed. Uh oh.

I opened the door and there was Amelia, lying on the floor, hands outstretched as if she had expended every last ounce of energy to reach me. After getting over the initial shock of seeing her there, my next thought was, “Wow! You can apparate!”

After rationalizing that harboring secret magical powers probably wasn’t likely considering Amelia could have used her talents to apparate out of her detested car seat or high chair long before now, I came to my second conclusion: Amelia can climb out of her crib!

I carried the smirking Amelia to her room and observed the scene. No dents in the wood floor from a big fall (and no bruises on Amelia). Good. Nothing in the room was awry, so she had opened the door and had come straight over to find me, instead of wreaking havoc in her room. Could have been worse.

Another clue. Her blankie, Wub, and a few stuffed animals that were originally in her crib had mysteriously been moved into Samantha’s crib. Did she throw everything into Samantha’s crib (they love to trade toys when they are both in their own cribs at the same time) and then climb out her own? Or did she climb into Samantha’s crib and then climb out?

Other questions: did Amelia use the mesh crib liner as a ladder and then vault herself over the edge? Or were her movements more methodical and monkey-esque?

Is the gym to blame for her advanced climbing abilities?

Next, I placed Amelia in her crib and then walked out, spying on her from the crack in the door to see if she’d do it again so I could figure out her methods, but by then she was cranky, so my reconnaissance mission had to be postponed.

Hence the reason I’ve spent the evening reading articles entitled, “What to do when your toddler starts climbing out of her crib,” and browsing the Baby Center forums under the search terms, “Help! 15 month old can climb out of crib!”

So far, it looks like most people take the rails off and convert the crib to a toddler bed or simply put the mattress on the floor. I can only imagine the kind of late-night parties the girls will start having with no rails to keep them separated and contained.

It’s the end of an era. And so it begins…sigh.

Lots of love,


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  1. The apparation line cracked me up! Oh man, good luck!