Checking off the summer bucket list

This weekend was the first weekend in a long time where we had absolutely zero plans. Perfect for getting some home projects done and taking it easy. Samantha and Amelia got several things checked off from their summer bucket list too!

Things like…

Feeding the geese ducks at the lake. We called them ducks since the girls say that word all the time. I hope they don’t feel lied to later in life. 
Taking leisurely walks around the neighborhood. It seriously takes an hour to walk up the street and back with these two loonies stopping every two seconds to pick flowers. 

Investigating other people’s front porches. 
Beating the heat by munching on otter pops in the afternoon. 
Cooling off in the pool whilst eating said otter pops. 
Not pictured: erupting in tears when they accidentally squeezed the otter pops out of the plastic and onto the patio. 
Going to Home Depot with Daddy to grab some poles for our tomato plants in the garden. Ok…so maybe this wasn’t on the girls’ bucket list, as you can see. 
Once they returned home, however, the girls had a great time “helping” Jake set up poles and fences around the overgrown tomato plants that were falling over and totally taking over our garden. Since eating tomatoes from our garden was on the girls’ bucket list, they each picked one of the red, juicy ripe ones and sampled them. The girls stuffed their faces in those tomatoes like they were apples!
Helping Daddy give Bandit a bath. 


And the ultimate classic summer bucket list activity: drinking out of the hose! 

Lots of love, 

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