Beach Bums

Part of Samantha and Amelia’s bucket list this summer includes playing at the beach at least every week, so we’ve made Fridays our official beach day!
Yay school’s out! We don’t even go to school, but we’re enjoying “summer break” anyway!

Last Friday, as soon as Jake got home from work, we threw our beach gear in the car and headed to Aliso Beach. It was perfect because it was late enough that the all-day beach goers were packing up, and early enough that the drunken bonfire crowd  hadn’t arrived yet.

There were yellow flags up that day, so we opted not to get too near the very strong surf. 

You can’t contain us in a hole, mom!

 We will only play in it voluntarily

I just filled a cup of sand for sister–I didn’t make her drink it!

Two peas in a sand pod. 

I wanna check out your hole!

Nevermind, back to mine. 

The big kids are right– summer is great. 
Checking out the creek at sunset. 

We love this beach for the nearby playground, at which we spent the last half hour of our evening. 

Adventure awaits!

Uh, can I get a little help here? 

Samantha and Amelia met a few little friends and they all ran around wearing each other out. Parents for the win!

As soon as we started to pack up, hoards of deliriously happy teens, fresh from their last week of school, swarmed the beach and park, just in time for us to leave. 
My favorite sound of summer: silence in the back seat as both Samantha and Amelia conk out on the car ride home, dreamy baby smiles on their faces from an evening full of fun in the sun. 
Lots of love, 

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