Party Time

Another catch-up post– man, I’m so behind! A few weekends ago, we traveled up to LA to attend our twinnie cousins, Eleri and Rhy’s, sixth birthday party. The theme of the party was fairies, which Samantha and Amelia adored so much that they asked me if we could copy it for one of their birthday parties in the future.

Cousin Jack guarding the fairy cake. 


Rhys, the birthday fairy who was apparently not happy about having her picture taken. No pictures of her sister, Eleri, who flitted all over the place.
Samantha and Amelia had the best time playing with all of their cousin’s toys.–because any toy is fun, as long as it’s not their own! We definitely need to build one of these: 

The girls also had a great time hanging out with Great Aunt Linda and Great Uncle David. Uncle David was the official Master of the Stairs and was super helpful grabbing stray toddlers who made a bolt up to the top. 
I was sure the girls would love the bounce house, but they weren’t too enthused. 

The girls went down for their afternoon nap during the party and, consequently, missed the best part. Annie is one brave mom for letting a bunch of six year olds don garbage bags, grab bowls of jello she had placed outside and start flinging jello everywhere for a massive food fight! 
While I enjoyed the mayhem from the safety of the kitchen window, as you can see, Great Uncle David was not above chucking as much jello as he could at the kids!

There was a truly epic mess to clean up afterwards, but the kids (and Great Uncle David) had a blast. You could hear kids exclaiming, “THAT WAS AWESOME!” all the way out the door at the end of the party.

Samantha and Amelia were disappointed that they had missed the food fight (they’re basically experts at flinging food) and sulked all the way home. I usually time our drives to coincide with nap time, but this time, I didn’t want to wait until after dinner to make our way home. Instead, they were awake for our one hour drive south. 
HUGE mistake. They were bored, cranky, and at one point, I was so sick of reaching in the back seat to pick up whatever toy they had dropped ONE MORE TIME, that I pulled over and asked if Jake would trade me places so that I could drive. You know it’s bad when I’m actually ASKING to drive. 

Anyway, we eventually made it home, sanity mostly intact, and ate dinner before putting the girls to bed, where they slept soundly, dreaming of fairies and rooms filled to the brim with amazing toys. 
Sweet baby dreams! 
Lots of love, 

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