Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to Jake, Grandpa, Great Grandpa and all the wonderful dads out there! Hope your day was extra special. 
Our Father’s Day weekend kicked off with a beach party sponsored by the Saddleback Mothers of Multiples Club. We met up at Doheny Beach for some games, food, singing and fun. Hanging out with other parents of twins is always nice because there’s an instant feeling of camaraderie–we all just get each other. Exchanging tips with parents deep in the trenches of twin toddlerhood on everything from syncing naps to potty training was another plus. 
While Jake and I drifted toward the parents of twin toddlers, it was fun watching a little group of new parents of twins, all with two and three month old twins with their Double Snap and Go strollers huddled by some palm trees in the shade, rocking their screaming babies together. Those were the days! It made me feel like that stage was light years ago when one couple of year old twins came to seek our advice. I couldn’t remember a thing about how we did things three months ago, let alone a thirteen months ago!
You’re embarrassing me, Daddy!

Itsy Bitsy Spider is a lot more fun when you’re singing it at the beach with twenty other sets of twins!
We love Daddy!

 Samantha went right up to the waves this time and had a blast splashing around. 

Amelia felt safer in Daddy’s arms. 

Our Daddy rocks!

Later that evening, we were supposed to meet up with Jake’s brother and niece, who were in town and staying at the Montage, a super swanky resort in Laguna Beach. They invited us to dinner and I was SO INCREDIBLY excited to go as I had always wanted to eat there. We figured dinner reservations at 8 would be plenty of time to get the girls to bed and us out the door since their usual bedtime is 7 pm. 
Of course, the girls had other plans. Amelia fell right to sleep, but Samantha, the stubborn little monkey she is, had her eyes wide open the entire time I attempted to rock her to sleep–about an hour. Just when I thought Samantha had finally drifted off, Amelia popped her eyes back open and started wailing. It sounded like she had some gas and tummy troubles (most likely from the junk I let them eat at the beach party that day…NEVER again!) and it took a while to get her relaxed and back asleep. 
Not wanting to leave the girls while they were exhausted/had tummy aches, we decided to cancel our babysitter and our dinner plans as it didn’t look like we would make it there in time. I was beyond bummed! Such is life. 

Our Father’s Day weekend continued when we met up with the Wrights for a barbecue at the park. Maliyah, Amelia and Samantha kept us busy chasing them around the entire time…they could have cared less about the barbecue part. 

Jake and I are currently doing the Whole30 food plan (because we’re nuts) which means no bread, grains, dairy, caffeine or sugar for thirty days. We were really tempted to take a day off for the barbecue, but we’ve been making such good progress (the first week was HARD…I miss carbs!), that we wanted to continue. We also didn’t want to rely on grilling anything at the barbecue in case Samantha and Amelia melted down before the meat had heated up.

So, instead of eating hamburgers on buns like normal people, we brought some In n Out burgers ordered protein style (wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun with no cheese) for our main course. It was fruits and veggies for us instead of dessert, chips and the normal barbecue fixings. I’m sure our friends thought we were super lame and crazy!

A yearly Father’s Day tradition.

Hands down the best Daddy ever!

Happy 2nd Father’s Day, Jake!

Lots of love,


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