Happy 15 Month Birthday and First Hair Cut

Happy 15th Month Birthday, Samantha and Amelia! Three months ago, you still seemed like babies to me and now you’re full-fledged toddlers! Scary!

To celebrate, we met up with the girls’ friends, Maliyah (who celebrated her 16 month birthday today), Allie, Alex, and Ivy at the park earlier this morning and the girls ran around, mostly stealing other people’s toys. “It’s our BIRTHDAY and we want to try ALL of the toys at the park,” explained the girls to the other kids, who were taken aback by their hubris.

I’m so backlogged on many of the events of the past few weeks, so today and in the next few days, I’ll be catching up. First item of business: hair cuts!

A few weeks ago, when Grandma was still here, Samantha and Amelia got their first hair cuts. They don’t have a ton of hair as it is, but the ends were looking kind of mangy, so we took them to Cool Cuts for Kids one Thursday morning.

Samantha was bribed with my car keys volunteered to go first. 

She was a little apprehensive at first. 
Nevermind, this is going to be fun!

Take a couple inches of the back please, and try not to give me a mullet. 

Snippety snip. 
Almost done. I love how she looks so much like a boy with that frock on!

Amelia awaited happily on the sidelines. 

Samantha did great throughout the hair cut, until the very end when she decided she hated her new ‘do. LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE? YOU’VE RUINED MY HAIR! 

Amelia’s turn.  

Even though she was glued to the movie playing on the screen in front of her, Amelia still managed to flail around enough to make the hair dresser’s job difficult. 
Oh no you don’t! 

 All done and looking pretty!

We tried to put Samantha back in the fire engine for a final photo with both girls, but, still upset she didn’t get the exact style she wanted, she protested vehemently. 


I never did get that final group photo. As soon as we left the salon, Samantha stopped her tantrum, after we promised her that next time, we’d bring a picture so that the hair dresser could cut her hair exactly the way she wanted it.

We tried to explain to Samantha that she didn’t really have much hair in the first place. The hair dresser literally cut off maybe a quarter inch of hair from both girls, which she put into commemorative certificates along with space for photos. I couldn’t tell much of a difference in the before and afters, except that the mousse that the hair dresser put in made their hair so curly!

At the sloooooow rate the girls’ hair grows, we probably won’t be back for another year!

Lots of love,


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