Adventures in Toddler Land

While Grandma Jolene was here a fews ago, the girls were treated to an unprecedented amount of adventures. I look back and can’t believe that not only did we put Allison’s entire shower together that week, we took the girls a zillion and one places…AND Grandma still the energy left to go out and buy us some vegetables and fertilizer for our veggie garden.
We now have tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, watermelon, and lots of herbs growing in our raised planters. So far, the plants are still alive and I’m amazed we haven’t killed them yet. 
Some of the many adventures the girls had with Grandma while she was here…
Fun at Pretend City with Daddy and Grandma (this was the day before the shower and I kicked everyone out so that I could complete a major baking session).  

How do I get out of this thing? 

Well, that’s one way to do it…

While Aunt Sarah insists the girls need to go to Baby DJ School (a real thing!), the girls showed they already have some serious mixing skills. 

Rock star. 

Breaking her guitar on stage after her amazing concert. 


The girls enjoyed their time destroying the house, as per usual. Sitting in Costco boxes never gets old.

The girls also went to the park and splash pad almost every day. 
When twin zombies attack. 
Why does Samantha also choose to fall in the mud when she’s wearing light colored pants? Never did get those stains out. 

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Bandit. 

Da da da daaaaaaaa, da da daaaaaaaa (Indiana Jones theme in case that wasn’t clear)


 After a jam-packed week, including a few trips to the beach, the girls were pooped. 

I like them this way. 

 Phew! We accomplished quite a bit and made some fun memories in the process. The only downside was trying to explain to the girls that Grandma had to go home at some point!

Lots of love,


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