Twinfant Tuesday: Let it Go

I am probably the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen the movie, “Frozen,” but from what I can gather from Pinterest, people are absolutely obsessed with this movie. I usually see at least one “Frozen” party idea, DIY “Frozen” dolls tutorial, or “Frozen” lesson plan any given time I’m browsing. I guess I really need to rent it.

Anyway, I saw this “Frozen” parody sent to me in the Moms of Multiples Club newsletter I receive and thought this twin mom was a genius. I don’t know the words to the original song, but I definitely identify with the sentiments behind her lyrics.


Inspired by this anthem, I decided to put into practice the essence of “letting it go.” It was scorching hot yesterday and all of us were getting cabin fever from being cooped up in the house all day. The hour in between snack time and Jake getting home is always the absolute slowest of the day– my energy is depleted, the girls are getting cranky, and we’ve run out of things to do. It was time to bust out the big guns.

Has mommy gone nuts?
We dubbed this activity, “Spaghetti Monsters.” The girls couldn’t stop giggling when I poured the noodles all over them and tickled them. 

I’ve seen people do this on Pinterest, except they dye their spaghetti a rainbow of colors. I wasn’t brave enough to do that this go around, especially since I don’t have any washable paint and would have had to use food coloring. No thank you. 

I figured it was Jake’s night to clean the bath tubs and showers anyway, so what’s a little extra spaghetti to clean up? 

I think I may have a noodle in my pants.
We were actually finished with our “Spaghetti Monsters” activity by the time Jake got home, but when I heard the garage open, I quickly grabbed the girls and stuck them back in the bath tub with the noodles so that I could see his reaction. To my disappointment, he walked in the bathroom and didn’t even bat an eye. “Rough day?” he asked, nonchalantly. 
He has definitely spent enough time with the girls to understand that desperate times call for desperate measures. 
Here’s to letting go in 2014!
Lots of love, 


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  1. Love this so much! What an awesome idea!