Twinfant Tuesday: Lean on Me

I nearly died of preciousness when I saw this news story about a twin who, after her twin sister fell down during a track meet, picked her up and carried her to the finish line. 

“When 13-year-old Claire Gruenke watched her twin, Chloe, fall during a Saturday track meet, the Illinois girl picked her sister up and carried her to the end. Claire set Chloe down just before the finish line because she wanted her sister to finish first.”

                            Photo credit: LISA RAPP/LITTLE CHICS PICS
Read the full article here. 

So heartwarming! 

I hope Samantha and Amelia will always be that close. In between breaking up multiple fights over Wubs or who gets to hold Bandit’s leash during our walks, I’ve also witnessed countless adorable interactions between the girls. It’s pretty clear they are BFFs and adore spending time together…for the most part. 
           Even at such a young age, Samantha and Amelia are already partners in crime: 

And each other’s favorite playmate.

There’s no one in the world with whom they’d rather be silly. 
I love watching their twin bond grow stronger every day!
Lots of love, 

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