Memorial Day at the Beach

It’s always a struggle coming off the weekend getting back into the swing of things. Add in the fact that it was a three-day weekend and that Grandma left the day after, and it becomes a triple-whammy! 
The girls and I are slowly transitioning back into our normal routine and getting used to not having Grandma around anymore (tear!) After a week of Grandma-filled fun playing at the park, going to the zoo, getting the girls’ first hair cut, playing at Pretend City Children’s Museum, and enjoying all the Grandma cuddles, it’s been a bit rough on the girls to transition back to just hanging out with boring old me.
Our main activities last week included spending every night after the girls were in bed getting ready for the baby shower we were throwing my cousin, Allison. Everything came together and the shower was tons of fun, not to mention all that shower prep got the crafting-bug out of my system for the next six months or so (pictures to come soon!)
On Memorial Day, we met up with Allison and her husband, Zack, at the Baby Beach in Dana Point. We had originally planned to hit up Aliso Beach, but got a call from Allison and Zack who had arrived before us, telling us there was absolutely no parking and the beach was packed. I guess every other person in Southern California had the same idea as we did.
The Baby Beach was crowded, but doable, and totally worth the hour we spent there once we had found parking (and be “we,” I mean Jake who dropped us off and then parked a mile away and walked to us) and before the girls were ready to go home for naps. 
Such a cute baby bump! If I looked that good while pregnant, I totally would have worn a swimming suit all the time!
Snack time before hitting the waves. 

So tell me about these baby-eating sand monsters again…

Let me help!
 Demonstrating the proper use of a shovel. 

Finally, we’ve found a way to contain Amelia in one spot.

Samantha…not so much. She was outta there in 1.5 seconds. 

Samantha and Amelia were fascinated by all the paddleboards and asked these nice people if they could climb aboard. Total naturals. 

In all three shots I took of Jake and the girls in this pose, another little girl photobombed each of them.

The bucket hat and disheveled sunglasses look is all the rage in Paris. 

Hellllooooo there!

Chilling in the beach tent with Grandma. 

Samantha and Amelia had almost fallen asleep in the car on the way home from the beach, but weren’t quite in a deep enough sleep to take them out of the car without waking them up. So Jake took us down a little detour called Live Oak Canyon Road which he claimed was one of the top ten drives in Orange County or something like that. 
Basically, it was (surprise!) a winding road in a canyon with lots of oak trees lining the roads. As I told him, the road probably would have been amazing if you were cruising it in a sports car on Top Gear. Not so much crammed in between two car seats in the back of an SUV. The girls did fall asleep though, so I have to give him credit. 
Our attempts at taking a family Memorial Day photo were fails. The girls woke up cranky after their naps and wouldn’t cooperate. They didn’t even like holding the flags I was sure would keep them occupied long enough to snap a photo. I’m also pretty sure they did not appreciate the Memorial Day outfits I had carefully picked out for them. Could we get any more un-American? Geez. 

They did enjoy trying to walk in their red, white and blue flip flops though. Or, rather, we enjoyed watching them attempt to walk. Bwahaha. 

Memorial Day cutie pie. 

Samantha was especially volatile. This is her bawling after we took Bandit’s leash away from her.

…And then promptly gave it back. Not a battle I was willing to fight that day. 

The Memorial Day Twin Parade! This should really become a thing. 

No, that’s not a cigar in Samantha’s mouth. The only thing that would placate her on the ride around the neighborhood was Grandma’s chapstick. She held onto it the entire ride and then some. Whatever works.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!
Lots of love, 


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  1. Beeeeaaaachhhhh! So fun! And super cute.