Happy Mother’s Day and 14-Month Birthday to Samantha and Amelia

Truth ya’ll: 

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmas, great grandmas, aunts, sisters, friends and women out there! Samantha and Amelia are very grateful for all the amazing women in their lives who help mother them and who provide such great examples.

A special shout-out to the girls’ Grandma Jolene and Grandma Celeste for changing several landfills-worth of diapers, scraping endless specks of spaghetti sauce off the floor, enduring countless public toddler tantrums, and somehow surviving many more unthinkable situations (which I’m sure I will be experiencing soon) whilst raising me and Jake, respectively. Their impressive amount of self-control and fortitude as evidenced by the fact that they chose not to kill us and/or run away to Jamaica gives me hope that I, too, will survive my tenure over the twins.

Last year’s Mother’s Day was pretty exciting since we blessed the girls that day and had a nice brunch with family and friends afterward.

Dresses x 2. 

I’m pretty sure nothing can top my first ever Mother’s Day in 2013:
This Mother’s Day weekend was low-key in comparison, and I was totally okay with that. Instead of dividing and conquering like we normally do on the weekends, Jake and I went as a family to the park and played all weekend long.

Mother’s Day weekend 2014:

Samantha and Amelia helped Daddy make me a delicious breakfast in bed consisting of French toast, eggs, and sausage, which the girls, of course, had to taste-test before allowing me to eat it. They figured this was only right considering Mother’s Day also happened to be their 14-month birthday. 
After presenting me with their Mother’s Day cards, flowers, and presents (a luxurious lotion set, foot spa treatment and a French-made silicone baking mat I’ve been pining after), the girls looked at me, expectantly, wondering where their 14-month birthday presents were. Sorry, girls!

In addition to receiving gifts, the girls and their Daddy gave me the royal treatment all weekend. No cooking, no cleaning, no diaper changes, no getting up in the middle of the night with Samantha and/or Amelia for me. I felt like I was living the high life!

But all that was just icing on the cake. My favorite part about Mother’s Day was soaking up the two little reasons I’m being celebrated in the first place.

The two most precious reasons ever.

Lots of love,


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