Grandma = Vacation

This week, our lives became exponentially easier when Grandma Jolene flew into town over the weekend. Woot! According to my calculations, we would ideally have a minimum of five people to help with the girls on a daily basis…one helper for each twin, a cook, a cleaner, and an errand-runner. Luckily, Grandma fulfills all these roles for the price of one person, so we totally feel like we are on vacation!
Quite literally…

Take, for example, going to the beach. Having Grandma here to help pack up gear, get the girls in the car, unload the car, set up camp on the beach, watch the girls, feed the girls, play with the girls, and soothe cranky girls has freed up approximately 192 hours of time. We hardly know what to do with ourselves!
Despite all of us having the sniffles, we ventured to Baby Beach in Dana Point, which is such a cute beach for toddlers since it’s located in the harbor and has no waves. Most of the other families there had young kids and Samantha and Amelia had fun meeting some new friends. 
What is with that face, Amelia? 

I think I’ll just lounge here for a while. 

It took a while for us to get the girls out of the fascinating tent and actually playing on the beach. 

 I think this is Amelia, but without seeing the face, it’s hard to tell!
Samantha and Amelia had a great time watching Daddy construct sand castles so that they could then demolish his hard work. 
Sand tasting was another favorite activity.
I told you not to eat that piece of seaweed, Samantha!

Watermelon eating selfie.

Family selfie (Samantha was pretty tired at this point, while Amelia was happy as long as she had her face stuffed with bread). 

Grandma and Samantha. 
Three cheers for Grandma!
Lots of love,

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