Beating the Heat

We managed to keep cool this weekend at the splash pad and pool, which the girls have now decided they LOVE (maybe because Daddy went with them this time, which almost always makes them more adventurous).
Friday, we had planned on meeting up at a wading pool with the girls’ friend, Maliyah, but that afternoon, Jodi called me and said she was having contractions, so we cancelled. Sure enough, the next morning, Maliyah’s baby sister was born!  The girls are super excited to welcome a new friend to the pack. 
Instead of meeting up with our friends, Jake was able to come home a little early on Friday so that we could beat the 95 degree heat and jump in the pool. 
Ah, refreshing!
Have I mentioned these are the same swim suits the girls had when they were six months old?
It seems like forever ago, but I loved this stage! 
Photographic evidence that Samantha’s disdain for hats clearly began at a young age. 

First order of business this weekend was to go out and buy new swim suits. 
For Saturday’s outing, Jake took the girls to the park and splash pad. When she doesn’t want to walk, Samantha has figured out how to bear crawl so that her knees don’t get rubbed raw on the pavement. Poor girl always seems to have some scrape or bruise on her legs from crawling around at the park. 

Um….we don’t own goggles, Amelia, so whose are these? 
The little Frankensteins toddling around the splash pad: 


Sunday, Great Grandpa joined us for dinner and play-time with the girls, but in all the fun, I didn’t take any pictures. Sometimes you just have to live in the moment, sans camera!
Lots of love, 

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