BBQ Samantha and Amelia Style

Going out to someone else’s house with the twins is always interesting. Pre-twins, we used to come over to Auntie Lynn’s pretty much whenever they invited us, at their preferred time and ate leisurely out on the patio, without a care in the world. 
These days, we are known to eat and run since our two ticking time bombs could go off at any moment. Our conversations are now punctuated with screeches or table-banging from the girls and “eating” consists of wrestling the girls in one arm and trying to eat with the other while pushing our plates and silverware as far away from the girls’ reach as possible. In short, dinner as guests is always an adventure!
Good luck trying to eat dinner with Amelia on your lap: 

Samantha traded dining partners several times. 

Happiness = stuffing bread in your face. 

While we were eating a yummy dessert, Amelia decided she was going to run away from home. She packed up her Wub, her puppy backpack, and her sippy and collected a few rocks for good measure before she made her departure. She got half way to the sliding glass door before turning back. Maybe she decided she couldn’t leave Samantha?

With meltdowns imminent, we took off in a flash to put the girls down for bed. Samantha was nice enough to give Great Grandpa a kiss before she and her entourage left the premises. 

Speaking of meal time, I absolutely MUST build have Jake build me this amazing table for twins! Samantha and Amelia love to chat and do this head shaking thing too. How cute would it be to put them INSIDE a table facing each other? I would definitely place them farther apart than these little guys though…like WAY farther apart.

       Thanks Great Grandpa for sending me this video!

Lots of love,


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