Twinfant Tuesday: Multiples Awareness Month

Did you know that April is Multiple Birth Awareness Month? Neither did I until a few days ago! I wish I would have found out sooner so that I could have made people more “aware” of the multiples in my life 🙂 
I’m pretty sure the twins don’t need their own official month in order to make people notice them. They do just fine on their own whenever we are out and about. 
In honor of Multiples Awareness Month, Samantha and Amelia came up with this list detailing some of the things they enjoy about being a twin. 
When you have a twin, you can team up to lift the lid off the trash can. Because why not? 
When you have a twin, you can take turns giving each other wagon rides.

When you have a twin, there’s always someone to have a tea party in the sand with you. 

When you have a twin, it’s a hoot to gang up on Mom by scurrying off in opposite directions at the park. It’s always fun to see the wheels turning in her head as she figures out who to go after first. 
We always make bets as to who she’ll run after first. 

When you have a twin, you can dare her to do things, like climb benches. 

 When you have a twin, you always have a best friend who thinks your jokes are hilarious!

Happy Multiple Birth Awareness Month!
Lots of love, 

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