Showered with Love

This weekend, I helped throw a baby shower for my friend, Jodi, in celebration of her Baby Girl #2 due to arrive in just a few short weeks! The shower was held at the home of Lara, our mutual friend, and I was put in charge of the decor. Splitting up the tasks like that made it much easier and I was able to have fun since I wasn’t stressed like I was putting together the girls’ party last month and my Dad’s party the month before that. 
Recognize any of the decorations? 
I re-purposed some of the decorations from the twins’ first birthday for the baby shower, which worked out great (and gave me an excuse to dig them out again). I changed the banner from “Double the Baby Love” to just “Baby Love,” and re-printed some of the signs I had in frames to be customized for the baby shower. I also re-used the sparkly gold letters “O” and “E” from the “ONE” I had a the girls’ I went to Hobby Lobby to buy an “L” and “V,” and then mod podged/threw glitter all over the letters to match the originals in order to spell “LOVE.” 
We had a great turnout and, most importantly, Jodi received tons of adorable new outfits. 
I’m sure all the other 9-months-along pregnant ladies around town hate her for looking so good! I certainly never looked that cute while pregnant! 
I’m obsessed with these. 
I found some great deals on Zulily and ordered Jodi this little onesie with a purse and pearl necklace pattern on it, with pink chevron crib shoes, a dress, and another cute summer outfit. When Jodi’s new little girls arrives, we will have quite the gang of little girls around here: Samantha and Amelia, Maliyah and her new baby sis, and Lara’s almost three-year-old and 6-month old. 
Lara’s 6-month old, Ivy, is the cutest little chunk. She’s the only baby I know who rivals Samantha and Amelia for weight and height! 
See the little wooden carving in the background, on the right? When I was setting up for the shower, I noticed it and my jaw dropped. I have the EXACT same little carving from when I studied abroad in Viña del Mar, Chile! Apparently, Lara’s husband served a mission there about two years before I was living there. Crazy that we both have the same carving…guess those souvenir shops really crank out the mass-produced art.
Meanwhile, back at home…

…Jake took the girls in the morning while I was at the shower. 

Miss big blue eyes. 

 Later in the morning, he met up with Jodi’s husband, Jared, and Maliyah, at the park. Unfortunately, Jake forgot to take any photo evidence of the girls’ play date (he said something about being too busy making sure the girls didn’t fall off the play gym and die, but seriously, that’s not an excuse!) Either way, they all apparently had a great time, but without proof, who’s to say? 

Not wanting to disappoint me again, Jake made sure to text me some photos and videos of the girls when he was out with them the next day while I was getting projects done at home. 
Every time Jake goes out with the girls, they always seem to come back with scrapes and bruises. Maybe this explains why: 


Lots of love,


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