Lost and Found

When going for a stroller or wagon ride, beware of giving any object to Samantha. She loves to entertain herself by waiting until I’m not looking and then throwing said object out onto the street/gutter/trail/bushes, only to feign cluelessness when I finally notice it missing (usually when we’ve already gotten home).
Yesterday morning, we were out for a quick walk (you know it’s going to be a scorching day when it’s already 80 degrees by 7 a.m.) and I had given Samantha her giraffe Wub, which I usually only reserve for nap and bedtime these days. Somewhere along the trail, she tossed it. 
Of course, I didn’t notice it was gone until we arrived home. When I asked her what she had done with it, Samantha just giggled, mischievously. Sigh. 
Since it was way too hot to go looking for it during the day yesterday, we walked the same path this morning in search of the missing Wub. 

 Sure, enough, there it was in the brush!
Camouflaged to the untrained eye. 
What a character you are, Samantha!

Lots of love,


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