Friday Funnies: Daddy Daughter Time

Now that Samantha and Amelia have been off of whole milk for a few days, they are back to normal– woo hoo! Unfortunately, just when they were starting to feel better, I came down with a really obnoxious stuffy nose, piercing sore throat and throbbing ears. I guess I should be grateful that the girls aren’t sick at the same time as me. They’ve actually been pretty understanding this week, playing nicely with each other and not slapping my face in the morning when I’m too groggy from the Nyquil to get up in a reasonable amount of time.

Story of my life…especially when I’m not feeling 100%!
Fortunately, Jake has been able to come home a little early from work the past few days to take over for me before I collapse, and the girls have loved their extra bit of quality time with him. Jake knows I love to document what the girls are up to (DUH) and dutifully took some videos of their escapades while I was resting. 

How NOT to wake someone up:

I was actually there to witness this un-mannerly little clip from dinner:
Lots of love, 

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