Earthquakes and Easter Bunnies

Friday around 9 p.m., I was sitting in the office when I felt the house start shaking. It was subtle at first, but when the shaking increased and didn’t go away after a few seconds, it finally clicked that we were having an earthquake! By the time I leaped up and ran into the girls’ room, it was already over. Amelia slept through the whole thing, but Samantha was wide awake in her crib, sitting up and smiling at me. 
Whenever there’s an earthquake around here, the next order of business is to immediately jump online and hit refresh a billion times on the national earthquake tracker website until the details of our latest earthquake pops up. The epicenter was apparently in La Habra, about 30 miles north of us, and it wasn’t a very big quake this time around…about a 5.1. Just in case, I took down a bunch of picture frames in the girls’ room and made sure there weren’t any other hazards that could cause damage in the event of a more serious quake. It was a good reminder to make sure we had plan for grabbing the girls and knowing where our emergency equipment was located! 
After all that excitement Friday night, we woke up bright and early Saturday morning to attend the Bunny Breakfast at South Coast Plaza. I’m a member of the Moms of Multiples Club of South Orange County, and our club had rented out part of the mall before it opened to the public for a catered breakfast, carousel rides and pictures with the Easter Bunny!

Samantha LOVED the carousel!

Amelia wanted to get off as soon as she was strapped in. 


Waiting patiently destroying the flower display while in line for pictures with the Easter Bunny. 

The best part about our excursion was seeing all the other twins and triplets there…it was kind of weird not being the only ones with twins for a change. 

One baby…
Two babies!
Instead of some creepy guy dressed up inside an Easter Bunny suit, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the bunny was, in fact, a creepy, electronic, talking/moving bunny. The girls were obsessed with it and thus, wouldn’t look at the camera for pictures. You’d think the photo people would have thought this through. 

But wait…there’s more! After our morning with the Easter bunny, the girls napped in the car while we drove to LA to see our friends, Heather and Kael, and their little one, Sam, who is exactly three days older than the girls. The last time the girls saw Sam, they were only a few months old! Sam was born with achondroplasia (a form of dwarfism) and has been very busy going to numerous doctor’s appointments with a specialist, undergoing sleep studies, and even undergoing a spinal decompression surgery a few months ago. He is such a tough guy and the most adorable little boy in the history of ever!

I don’t know how Heather and Kael find the time to do it all…Heather is graduating from UCLA medical school in a few months, Kael works crazy hours at his music production company, they are working on their band, Faded Paper Figures,’ fourth album (I love their music…you should check them out!), and, oh yeah, they have a one year old! Makes me tired just thinking about it!

Attack of the twins.

We went out to eat at a little cafe and the girls made an epic mess, as per usual. 
Heather and I enjoyed our meal while the boys wrestled the monkeys through lunch.

 Ladies man! I pretty much died every ten seconds from Sam’s cuteness. We were told that Sam was even going to make an appearance in their band’s new album– apparently, you can hear him squeal in the background of one of their songs. Can’t wait to hear it! 

After lunch, we played at the park, which the the girls thought was SO much better than ours at home. Can you say, rock wall? 
You go first…no, YOU go first!

Sam and Sammy Girl. 

Sam has more hair than both the girls combined.

Amelia thwarted all of our attempts to get a picture of all three babies together. 

What’s that curly stuff on top of your head and how come I don’t have any? 

After the park, it was time for the girls to go down for a nap, which was perfect, since they slept in the car on the way home. We actually arrived home a little too early for them to wake up from their nap, so we drove around random places for a while so that they could get their full 1.5 hours of nap time! Yep, we will do just about anything to make sure the girls get their sleep.

That was our busy weekend! Hope you had a great one, too!

Lots of love,


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  1. Thanks! Hope we can come out this summer and see you guys or that you guys can come here and hang out!