Celebrating Spring

This weekend, we packed up the stroller and walked up to our community’s Spring Celebration. There were mainly activities for older kids (face painting, trampoline bungy jumping, pony rides, Easter egg hunt, etc.), but Samantha and Amelia still didn’t want to miss the action and insisted we check it out. 
I shouldn’t have bet Jake money that the girls would cry when meeting the creepy Easter Bunny…they loved him a little too much. 

I had to subdue my urge to open the gate and free all the poor animals cooped up in the tiny petting zoo. Instead, I let Samantha and Amelia pet the poor creatures while vowing never to patronize such an establishment again. 

Seriously, the ponies and baby cow were pacing nervously back and forth in their little stall while a million toddlers reached out to grab their manes. It was soooooooo sad (says the mom who let her twin toddler terrors pet them too!)

I felt less bad for the unnaturally fat bunnies and pig. 

More animal torture! A little preview of what we can do next time when the girls are a bit older. 

The girls were super disappointed that we arrived too late for the Easter Egg hunt…although I’m not sure how much of a “hunt” it was considering there were hundreds of eggs just lying everywhere. 

The girls enjoyed a snack while wishing they could be the kids on the trampolines. 

Forget ponies and the Easter Bunny–all the girls really wanted to do was climb on the play equipment. Technically, this play structure was only supposed to be for kids ages 2-5, but because the girls are so tall and big, no one bats an eye. They probably just think the girls are way behind on their motor skills since they still crawl!
One of the boys started flirting with Samantha, but she played hard to get. 

After their nap, the girls went back outside for some more action. 
Trying out the local vegetation. 

As two extremely vicious Golden Retrievers (oxymoron!) approached, Bandit heroically tried to save the girls who were 30 feet away on the grass with Jake. In his attempt to scare away the dangerous attackers, he knocked over the stroller, which scared the crap out of him in the process. 
Sunday afternoon, Jake took the girls on a little excursion to our patio and texted me updates as I was making dinner. 

I would have gone out there to stop the madness had I seen this text before they came back inside! Apparently, the girls really like the taste of the rosemary and spearmint we have in the garden…well, soon to be garden. It’s mostly weeds right now, but we have grand plans for our raised garden bed this year!

After dinner, we took the girls outside with their walker and they took turns enthusiastically strolling up and down the sidewalk with it, while we Skyped Grandma and Grandpa so they could say hello. Samantha took 15 steps on Sunday by herself, while Amelia has yet to breach two. The girls loved “walking” outside so much, though, that I anticipate some giant leaps forward this week now that they have some more motivation. The girls have realized that once they can walk consistently, they can learn to run, thereby increasing the chances that they can escape from me to check out car tires, the gutter, trash cans, sticks, and other random and disgusting objects along the path from which I had to continuously pull them away. They also know that once they can run/walk in opposite directions, it’s all over for me. That’s all the motivation they need!
Lots of love,  

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