Blast from the Past

I’m still in the middle of Spring Cleaning (I’ve nearly finished purging/organizing the entire upstairs–woot!) and was working on the office last night when I came across my file filled with ultrasound pictures of the twins. Since I was dragged kicking and screaming to the perinatologist’s every two weeks for ultrasounds/more often the last few months of the pregnancy, I have tons of ultrasound pictures (HA–in case you didn’t catch the sarcasm, I loved going in all the time! Jake made fun of me for being so excited about constantly going to doctor’s appointments). 
Our tech, Dana, was always super nice and printed out individual and together pictures of the twins from every conceivable angle, and thus I have over fifty ultrasound photos of the girls! I had stored them away for a later date, hoping I would have time eventually to scan them all in and scrapbook them, but I obviously overestimated the amount of free time I would have on my hands once the twins were born and that never happened! 
Samantha at 13 weeks. 
Samantha at 33 weeks. I never did like the 3D ultrasounds…always creeped me out!
Samantha at 92 weeks.
Amelia at 13 weeks. 
 Amelia at 33 weeks. 

Amelia at 92 weeks. 
The girls hanging out peacefully at 18 weeks. 

The girls wrestling at 18 weeks. 

Ouch! It looks tight in there!


The girls playing nicely at 92 weeks. 

 The girls playing not so nicely at 92 weeks. 

Not much has changed!

Lots of love,


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