Beach Weekend

After chilling out a little and getting some much-needed rest, I felt a ton better from my annoying cold over the weekend, which worked out nicely since Jake’s brother, Jarom was in town. Jarom (also an attorney), is working on a case down here with Jake and had to take some depositions this week, so he flew in from Idaho over the weekend and hung out with us. He treated us to dinner several times and got to witness first-hand what it’s like going out with these two hooligans. 
                                Whitehead, party of three, plus two incredibly messy monkeys.

 At the end of dinner, Samantha snatched the bag of shredded mozzarella out of my hand when I wasn’t looking and started waving it around, raining down cheese on every innocent bystander within a ten foot radius. See those people on the couch in the background? Yep–they got a nice, cheesy surprise in their hair compliments of Samantha! We snuck out of there pretty fast after that…

The girls decided to save their most colossal mess of the weekend for the thai restaurant. There’s just something about those rice noodles that made the girls want to fling them. 


At least we left a big tip. 

Dinner at home was a little more relaxing since we weren’t concerned with the girls throwing food at random strangers. Amelia warmed up to Jarom pretty fast and even let him hold her through dinner! Jarom was talking to his family on the phone later on that night after the girls were in bed and I overheard him saying, “You wouldn’t BELIEVE how much work it is taking care of these two! I had no idea!” 

In addition to going out to eat, it was a beautiful weekend, so we went with the girls and Jarom to Salt Creek Beach in Laguna. 

Sun screen? Check. Sun hat? Check. Banana? Check. 
Hanging with Daddy and Uncle Jarom. 
Daddy, what’s in your nose? 
Jarom stopped at a toy shop on the way to the beach and bought the girls a kite, which was a huge hit!

Don’t let go of that kite, Amelia!

Amelia loved crawling around in the wet sand and showing us all the cool shells and rocks she found.

We got a few solo steps from Amelia this weekend, but she still hasn’t caught up to her sister. 

Hours of entertainment (more like 15 minutes, but I’ll take it!)

Screaming selfie. 


A connoisseur of sand and beaches himself, Uncle Jarom showed the girls how to build a proper sand castle. 

All they really wanted to do was stick their hands in the water bucket. 

And dump sand all over themselves. 

 It was definitely nice having an extra guy around to lug stuff.

Thanks for a fun weekend, Uncle Jarom!

Lots of love, 

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