Social Butterflies

This week, the girls’ social calendar was jam packed (which basically means we got out of the house more than one time!), and first up on the agenda was getting together at Tender Greens with our friends, the Smiths, whom we hadn’t seen for a while.  Once again, I was completely mortified by the mess the girls made all over the floor as they chucked food without abandon. 
At one point, Samantha even hit a kid sitting in the booth next to us with her sippy cup as she was throwing it. I almost died, but Samantha didn’t even seem phased. Fortunately, the family next to us, although they had older kids, smiled sympathetically at us and were constantly laughing at the twins’ antics. As I apologized, embarrassed about the mess, to the bus boy and gave him a tip, the family smiled while we were leaving as if to say, “Yup. Been there. Done that.”  
Samantha and Amelia also had a play date with their recently turned one-year-old friend. We were bummed that were were unable to make it to Maliyah’s birthday party because it was the same day as my Dad’s 60th party, but at least we were able to celebrate it with her a few weeks after the fact. Maliyah even filled the girls in on all the awesome things she’s learned now that she’s one!
 It’s so funny watching the three play together because Samantha and Amelia have absolutely no qualms about grabbing toys that aren’t theirs, wrestling each other, and stealing things right out of their playmate’s hands. I guess they are just so used to chasing each other around and stealing toys from each other that it’s second nature to do the same thing with their playmates! I have a feeling they are going to terrorize many a child in future play dates if we don’t start teaching them top play nice soon! 

Let me show you what’s over here, Amelia!
Samantha and Amelia definitely know how to put the “play” in play date!
Lots of love, 

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