Samantha walks!

She walks! Oh yeah!


Of course, I have no video or photo evidence of this as it always happens at the spur of the moment, and before I can grab my phone, Samantha has already tumbled to the ground, but let it be put on record that Samantha started walking! Last week, she was taking two steps before tumbling, over the weekend, she made it to four steps, and this morning, I counted seven steps before she crash landed! Way to go, Samantha!

I can tell it’s dawned on Samantha that she’s on the brink of discovering a whole new world of disasters she can get into now that she’s on two feet, and her determination to quickly perfect her newfound skill is intense. She tries to practice every chance she gets…especially when she’s supposed to be napping, which has been wreaking havoc on her nighttime sleep. She’s been so wired having started a new skill that she’s had a really hard time going down for naps and bedtime, and has been getting up several times at night the past weekend. Maybe she’s waking up and practicing walking in her crib, because every time I’ve gone into the nursery to get her when she cries, she’s standing up and is too excited to go back to sleep. Jake and I are very excited for Samantha, but we want our sleep back! Amelia, on the other hand, has completely slept through Samantha’s night wakings, so far, which is amazing considering Samantha’s night shrieking rivals the noise of a monster truck rally (I know this because Jake and I have been to several!)

In other news, Samantha, Amelia and I visited their four-month-old twin friends, Iris and Elizabeth, one last time before they flew back home to Michigan. On Friday, I drove up to the Newport Coast, where Katie, her mom, and her twins were staying on vacation. We got to say hi to Elizabeth and to thank her again for coming to the girls’ birthday party, but Iris was sound asleep while we were there. Katie’s mom stayed at the hotel to watcher her twins while Katie and I went out for a stroll and compared notes on our twins. There’s nothing like talking to a fellow twin mama…they just get it.

Katie holding Amelia, who had defiantly ripped off her placemat, sending bits of food flying.
The girls and I got photobombed by a cherub riding a seahorse.
A better angle.
Samantha begged to practice driving the sweet wheels she spotted by the fountain.
Amelia was super stoked to be riding shot gun!
First walking, now driving. They grow up too fast!
Lots of love,

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