Our New Wheels

Introducing…our new wheels!

 I got a good deal on Craig’s List for this beauty, complete with a sun shade. I couldn’t wait until their birthday to give it to the girls, so we went on our first ride on Monday. The girls were absolutely thrilled to try out their new ride and giggled the entire first lap around the neighborhood. As soon as we took off down the driveway, Samantha’s eyes opened WIDE in simultaneous joy and disbelief, as if she couldn’t fathom something this cool was happening. Finally, she cracked a huge smile and waved her arms in the air, as it dawned on her that IT MOVES!


Luckily, the Twinmobile, as we have dubbed it, includes seat belts so the girls can’t climb out, which they try and do anyway every time we stop.  

We still use my beloved jogging stroller out on the trail in the morning, but have been taking the wagon out for a spin in the afternoon and evening. The only loser in this is Bandit, who must now be subjected to the twins taking turns “walking him” since they can now easily grab his leash.

Don’t complain, Bandit. You still get three to four walks a day. SPOILED. 

Warn the neighbors…the baby parade is coming!

Lots of love,


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  1. That is amazing!!! I want one!