Happy First Birthday, Samantha!

Dear Samantha,

One year ago, I was wheeled into the OR to be prepped and ready to meet you for the first time. It was all so fast and all I remember is wondering how long the c-section would take and if I would feel anything, when BAM, at 12:12 p.m., there you were, all 6 pounds, 9 ounces of you, screaming your head off. You are still my LOUD baby. You know what you want and you make sure to tell us, whether that’s for more food, wanting to be held, or just to hear the sound of your own screech and giggle!

Then, I blinked, and you were ONE.

You, Samantha, are the rock, steady and strong. You never budged from your spot closest to the birth canal, thereby qualifying you for “Twin A” and first-born status. You clearly did not want to give up being first place in line, and still stubbornly hold your ground when you want something. Daddy says you got that from me, but I still maintain that I don’t know where you got it from!

Self-confident and fearless, you simultaneously love to have the reassurance from me and Daddy. You always check to make sure one of us is near before venturing off too far and often follow us around like a puppy, reaching your arms high to be picked up. You love to spontaneously crawl in my lap for a story and you will fight Amelia to be held if she is already in my lap.

Even though you like to have reassurance, you are so brave and adaptable. When you were almost five months old, you started wearing a little helmet 24/7 to correct the flat spot on the back of your head that formed after being squished by Amelia for eight months in the womb.  I was so fearful that you would be miserable in your helmet, especially during those hot summer months, but you took it all in stride and barely seemed to notice. You still looked as beautiful as ever in your little pink helmet and took advantage of the extra head protection by using it to bang into things!

One of your favorite past times is stealing your sister’s wub or a toy out of her hands, and recently, she has fought back a little, which has surprised you! Wherever she is, you want to be, whether that’s climbing up the stairs or talking to her over the crib rails. I hope you will always be best friends!

You love to play games and enjoy mimicking us. One of your favorites is standing up when we say, “Up!” and bending your knees all the way down when we say, “Down!” You also enjoy dancing around your room with me and dancing in your crib to your classical music. I think you have an ear for rhythm and rhyme as you love banging spoons or toys together to the beat.

You also enjoy stories and you will sit in my lap and turn the pages of your books over and over again. Your favorites are touching the fur and scales on the animals in your baby animals book. I remember you being only a few months old and figuring out how to turn the pages!

When you were a few months old, every time you would stare up and look at our ceiling fan, you’d get a huge grin on your face and start giggling. We started saying, “Hello, Mr. Fan!” and you’d smile at your old friend. Then, without warning, you’d get a terrified look on your face and burst into tears, while looking at the same fan! You are quite the character, Samantha.

You are also very sneaky, especially when it comes to stealing toys from your sister. One day, we were about to go out to eat and were looking for your sister’s wub everywhere. We finally decided to leave without ever finding it and picked you up to go to the car. I noticed a lump under your jacket when I picked you up, so I reached in, and sure enough, you had hidden your sister’s monkey pacifier under your jacket! You looked very pleased with yourself!

You are happiest when I give you a plate full of cut-up frozen blueberries and some cheese. You are in heaven, then! You’ve always loved your bottle, as well, which may explain why you are a good two pounds heavier than your sister.

You have always been the leader when it came to rolling over, crawling and standing, with your sister following closely behind. Although you are sometimes jealous when I’m holding Amelia, you always laugh whenever I’m dancing or singing with your sister. I know you love to see her happy.

Samantha, we feel incredibly blessed that you came into our lives and are so excited to get to know you better over the next year. You are beautiful, inside and out, and bring so much joy and light to everyone who knows you. Thank you for sharing this year with us. Happy first birthday, Samantha Bear!

I love you,



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