Bad Habits

If you ask Jake what he thinks is the most annoying thing about me, he will say that it’s the fact that I’m lazy about not very diligent at putting the lids back on things. For example, he routinely takes the soy milk out of the fridge, only to have cold milk spilled all over the kitchen after he shakes it because I didn’t put the lid on correctly. He ABHORS how I leave the cap off the toothpaste. And he complains constantly about the horrible job I do opening cereal boxes…they are usually unrecognizable by the time I’m done. Same thing goes for closing cupboard doors or drawers. Whenever I hear an “OWWWWWWW!”  it’s a 95% chance that I’ve left a cupboard door open and he’s bumped his head on it. 

Anyway, today, I decided to start a 12-step program to cure myself of this bad habit. 
Starting with the Aquaphor. 

I was changing Samantha’s diaper in the nursery, and remember musing to myself how quiet and angelic Amelia was being in the other room by herself. When I returned, I found Amelia happily sticking both arms into a jar of Aquaphor that she had apparently knocked down from a basket. Each time her fingers went “SQUISH” in the Aquaphor, she giggled a bit and looked back at me joyfully. Samantha, resting on my hip, was extremely jealous she had missed out on this rare opportunity.

The thing with Aquaphor (kind of like Vaseline) is that it’s water-resistant, so I couldn’t just hose her off in the sink. I ended up taking a dry towel and rubbing her (and my couch…thank goodness for leather) down, which really just made the slippery substance rub into her skin. By the time I was done with her, she looked very well-moisturized!

Jake will be happy to know that after this little episode, I double checked all the lids on our medicines and cleaners (which are locked in a cabinet anyways) to ensure they were closed correctly. I’m on the road to recovery, people!
Lots of love, 

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