12 Month Stats

To commemorate Samantha and Amelia’s first birthday, I had some first birthday stats chalkboard posters printed for the party, which are now being displayed in their room. The only problem was that I had to have the posters printed a little over a week before the party, so some of the information is not completely up to date. For example, at press time, the girls had four teeth each, but literally a few days after printing, they each sprouted two more, for a total of six! 
12 Month Stats:
Samantha: 26 pounds and 32 inches (should actually be 26 pounds, 3 ounces and 32.75 inches tall, which is what she measured at her 12-month checkup a week after her birthday– 98th percentile!)
I get excited when: Daddy comes home and when Mommy pulls me in the wagon
Best friend: Amelia
I love: The swings, laughing, cuddling, riding on Daddy’s shoulders, the park, playing “up down,” my Wub, chasing Bandit, throwing food, stealing sister’s toys
Favorite song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
My nicknames: Sammy girl, Sammer bear
I can: wave, turn pages in books, cruise, crawl, climb stairs, stand
I say: mama, dada, hi
Favorite book: Touch and Feel Baby Animals
Yum = blueberries, pasta, cheese, mandarins
I have: 6 teeth  

The day after Cake Smash Attempt #2, Aunt Sarah took some photos of the girls with their posters. I also wanted some photos of them wearing the pink ombre tutus I made them, since I didn’t end up having them wear them during their party. Despite using plexiglass to cover the roll of polka dotted seamless paper we used as a backdrop in the cake smash photos, the girls still managed to cover the paper in cake, so I had to dig out a pink tablecloth roll for the backdrops here. It didn’t work quite as well for a backdrop with all the wrinkles, but it’s nothing a little photoshop can’t fix (if I had the time–which I don’t–so these will have to suffice!)
Amelia: 23 pounds and 31 inches (should actually be 23 pounds, 7 ounces and 32 inches tall–91st percentile!)
I get excited when: Daddy comes home and when Mommy sings to me
Best friend: Samantha
I love: the park, slides, being chased, stealing toys from sister, tickles, Mommy’s phone, singing, walking Bandit, my jungle gym, tearing up lift the flap books. 
My favorite song: Itsy Bitsy Spider
My nicknames: Miss Ameels, Amelia Bedelia
I can: wave, clap, play peek-a-boo, cruise, crawl, climb stairs, stand
I say: mama, dada, all done (“dog” should also be added to this list!)
Favorite book: Peek-A-Who
Yum= blueberries, sweet potato, lasagna, toast with cream cheese
I have 6 teeth!


I didn’t make a “favorite things” list for the girls’ 11 month and 12 month birthdays since they love playing with tupperware, pots and pans, measuring spoons and whatever random things they can find in drawers/on the floor way more than any toy. However, we all have one favorite for all of Month 12… 
Radio Flyer Wagon–I bought this off Craigslist as a birthday present for the girls and it’s turned out to be one of the best purchases ever! Instead of always going on walks with the stroller, I alternate between the stroller and the wagon, which the girls love because they don’t feel so confined. Our wagon even came with a very useful sun canopy. Samantha and Amelia love babbling to each other as we stroll down the street and I’ve noticed we get stopped by people dying over the cuteness of two babies in a wagon about 50% more than when I take the stroller out.  The only problem I’ve encountered so far is that with the girls facing each other, it’s much easier to grab things out of each other’s hands/annoy each other!
Lots of love, 

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  1. The radio flyer wagon is a dream come true! So adorable. The signs and pictures with the girls with them are fantastic. And I especially love how you said "at press time". So great and brought me back to our good ol' journalism days.