When Grandma and Grandpa come to stay

When Grandma and Grandpa come to stay the week…
…There are lots of food messes. Here, in preparation for their smash cake on their birthday, Amelia tries her first cupcake and, apparently, it’s finger-lickin’ good. There’s been huge cartons of delicious raspberries, strawberries and blackberries on sale at Costco recently, and we’ve been taking advantage. The girls love every kind of berry!
…We play lots of games. 
…There’s tons of swinging. 
And more swinging. 
And more swinging. 

…We go to the park every day…sometimes twice a day.
…We are grumpy sometimes. We had one really awful night, probably the worst since the girls were about three or four months old. Jake was working late and wasn’t there for bath time or bed time, so my mom helped out and took one of the twins to give a bottle and rock to sleep. Whoever she was holding would have none of it. We switched twins a few times, but they wouldn’t calm down, so finally, my mom put Samantha next to me in the rocking chair while I held Amelia. They continued crying/whimpering for what seemed like forever, setting each other off every time the other one cried. When they finally went quiet and closed their eyes, we breathed a sigh of relief. Just as they looked as if they were asleep for the night, we watched Amelia’s hand creep over next to her sister and YOINK! With her eyes closed, she yanked out Samantha’s Wub (pacifier), which sent Samantha into a screaming fit once again. It was a very long night!
Bonus! Daddy came to surprise us on his lunch break! Jake has a huge trial coming up and was busy preparing for it all week, so we hardly saw him at all. The twins literally didn’t see him for a few days as he left for work around 5 or 6 am and was at his office until 11 pm or midnight. 

Here we go loop-dee-loo!

…We get to climb all over the play structure at the same time without having to hang out in the stroller! It was infinitely easier going to the park when Grandma and Grandpa were here and the twins actually got to be let out of their strollers at the same time since I had extra hands there to help supervise. 

…We play with our sister. One night, my mom and I were bathing the girls, who were both standing up in the tub with pacifiers in their mouths. All of a sudden, at the EXACT same time, they reached out, grabbed one another’s pacis and stuck the other one in their mouths. So funny. 

…We learn how to go backwards down the stairs!

…We show off how unafraid we are of heights. 
…We try and eat Mommy’s phone. Oh wait, that’s pretty much every day anyways. 
…I get lots of projects done. I was able to complete a bunch of my to-do items for the girls’ upcoming birthday party, including doing a test-run of the cake pops and giant cupcakes I’m making for their smash cake. I also forced asked Jake and my mom to help make this tassel garland, which turned out cute. 

I was also able to finish these hand-tied pink ombre tutus for the girls’ birthday outfits. I keep finding little shreds of tulle and glitter all over the house. 

We miss Grandma and Grandpa already and can’t wait to see them again in a few weeks at the girls’ first birthday party! Eek. Just saying “first birthday” sends me into a nervous fit of terror in which I start clinging desperately to every last vestige of the twins’ babyhood!

Lots of love,


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