It’s been a nice staycation for the girls this week with so many fun people in town. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike left on Sunday, but not before entertaining the girls at the park. 

Traffic jam!

Amelia shows off her slide skills for Aunt Sarah. 

Grandma and Grandpa are also here this week, which means twice the attention for the girls (although they are still suspicious of Grandpa’s beard and cry at first whenever he comes into the room. We’re working on that). It also means a break for Jake and I. We took advantage of the free babysitting by running errands at Costco earlier this week. Have you ever been to Costco at 7:30 on a Monday night? Heavenly. Wide open aisles, no lines and no running over slow elderly people with your cart. The chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream we shared whilst shopping made everything ten times better. 
Other scenes from this weekend…
We apparently really need a set of wind chimes because Samantha and Amelia went crazy over them at Grandpa’s party on Saturday.

30 people yelling surprise? Meh. All the food and cake we could eat? Whatever. Wind chimes? Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Amelia discovered her twin doubles as a very convenient stepping stool. 

On Sunday, cousins (actually, they are my cousins, so does that make them second cousins to Samantha and Amelia?) Jack, Eleri and Rhys came to visit. Dog piles ensued. 

The girls were fascinated with the ruckus.
Amelia tames Jack the lion. 
Dazed from all the excitement over the weekend. 

Long live the staycation!
Lots of love, 

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