It Never Gets Old

No matter how many times they do it, swinging just never gets old! 

    And by “never,” I mean until they get bored after ten minutes and start begging to crawl around in the sand. But still…ten minutes!
One thing that truly never gets old is taking pictures of the girls swinging…at least for me. 
Hey there, sis!
Hanging out with their friend, Maliyah, never gets old, either. Maliyah turns the big ONE year old next week and had a lot of wisdom to pass on to the girls now that she’s almost officially a grown-up!

Hanging out with sister…it never gets old. Unless she’s being annoying/trying to steal my toy/tackling me/hogging attention…

Lots of love,


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  1. So adorable!!!

  2. So cute i love it they look so much older! I cant wait for it to get warm here so we can take Chloee she will love it. We better come visit Cali:)