10 Month Photos

I give you…Samantha and Amelia at 10 months! 
I managed to snap approximately three pictures before the girls ripped off their 10 month stickers and started eating them. Oh well. 
It’s pretty much impossible to take posed photos of the girls anymore, so I had to pull out all the tricks in the bag in order to get the girls to sit still for 5.2 seconds. 

After the 5.2 seconds had elapsed, the girls realized they could move around the room AND play with their necklaces at the same time. 
After they got over the necklaces, I upped the ante with some tissue paper. 
Samantha got bored of that pretty quickly and decided attacking the camera was way more fun. 
And when THAT got old, Samantha turned to her time-tested activity of choice– pulling off Amelia’s headband. YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING, AMELIA. 
I had no choice but to take things outside. 
Bandit has become an expert at photo bombing. 
Surfin’ USA.

Amelia’s signature Blue Steel look. 


Amelia decided the slide was the perfect place to practice her yoga moves. “It’s super relaxing, mom,” she informed me. “You always look frazzled, so you should really try it some time.” 
Why, thank you, Amelia. 
Downward dog. 

Actual dog. 


The aptly named Child Pose. 

I decided to be brave and take both girls out of the stroller at the same time. Besides almost putting a few rocks/sticks in their mouths and finding a bandaid in the sand (GAG), nothing catastrophic happened.

Samantha found it hilarious that I had climbed on top of the play structure to take these shots. 

Let me push help you, sis. 

I draw the line at the third rung. Time to go home!

10 months = so much sweetness!

Lots of love,


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  1. These cracked me up! So fun!