Visits from our Fan Club

This weekend, we had some BRAVE visitors come to play with the girls. I say brave because 1. The girls were pouring snot out of their noses all weekend long and 2. You’ve got to have more courage than the average joe to come hang with these two right now. I can’t even truthfully call it hanging out, because there’s no “hanging out” involved. It’s more like constant chasing/running away/removing hazardous objects than hanging out. Be prepared to have hair pulled, glasses plucked off your face and any number of unidentified food particles smeared on your nice shirt. Our visitors can’t say I didn’t warn them!
Our fan club is coming to see us? Let’s get messy! 
I guess this was my fault, since I gave them raspberries…
Samantha takes the term “eating” liberally and sees it as more of a vehicle to express her artistic vision. 
Wanna high five, mom? 
Fan club visitor #1…Great Grandpa! Amelia was waiting until we were all distracted so she could grab his glasses. 
“YEAH…I REALLY WANT MY PICTURE TAKEN RIGHT NOW,” said Samantha, sarcastically. Eye roll. 
Jake got these glow lights for when we walk at night with the stroller and the girls are obsessed with them. Best $2.50 we ever spent. 
Showing off their light sabers for Great Grandpa. 
More visitors from Samantha and Amelia’s fan club! Auntie Marisa and her mom were nice enough to stop by and spend a few hours with the girls, on Marisa’s last day of Christmas break before school started, no less. We were honored!

The last time Marisa was here, the girls were little three-month-old blobs. Now, they’re crawling, screeching, hair-pulling, shoe-biting little devils cuties with motor skills and opinions.

Despite the girls having a longer-than-normal morning nap, they were a bit cranky for their fans, although they warmed up to Marisa and Lori a lot quicker than they do for most people. Girls–you really need to be nicer to your adoring public, geez. 

Having a bevy of nieces and nephews of her own, Marisa knew just how to get on Samantha’s and Amelia’s good side…bribe them with her cell phone!

Amelia takes a selife. 
A big thanks to all our fans for visiting!
Nothing is more relaxing after a busy weekend of raspberry food art and company than a bubble bath. Or should I say, nothing could be LESS relaxing? 
As soon as I start filling up the tub for the girls’ baths, I’ll suddenly feel four little hands tugging at my back and banging on the tub. Once in the tub, all the girls want to do is get out! Samantha and Amelia have absolutely revolted against their baths recently. They refuse to sit down and if you try and force them, they’ll scream at the top of their lungs like we’re torturing them. Instead, they will stand at the edge of the tub, walk around it, and reach for any wash cloth/bottle of body wash in sight. Oh yeah, and they refuse to let any actual “bathing” be done…they whine when any amount of water is  dumped on their heads, no matter how gently it’s poured. You’re right girls…bath time is torture…for ME. 
99% of the time I end up having to change clothes as I’m usually soaked by the end of the bath. Jake and I are so exhausted after wrestling the monkeys to stay in the tub, that we go to bed at 8, right after the girls fall asleep. Pathetic, but true! Hopefully, this is just a phase…
Lots of love, 

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