Superdad to the Rescue

What’s worse than sick babies? A sick mommy. I guess my immunity earned from teaching middle school has finally run out as I was pretty much knocked out with a cold and sore throat over the weekend. It’s never fun being sick, but even less so when you have to take care of other helpless human beings who depend on you for their every need.

Fortunately, it was Superdad to the rescue! Jake held down the fort while I quite literally texted him directions from the couch so I could save my voice (e.g. smash the blueberries to put on the girls’ trays, give the girls’ their sippy cups, no, don’t put that shirt on her, grab another shirt, etc.) Jake took his doctor/chef/dad duties seriously, preparing meals, making me soup and creating some yummy finger food concoctions out of ground turkey, apple, and bread crumbs for the girls, which they gobbled up.

Samantha and Amelia loved their daddy-daughter weekend so much that I’m thinking this needs to become a regular thing, minus the me feeling like crap part.

Daddy’s choice of outfits for the day: Alaska onesies courtesy of cousin Maddie!

While I was resting, Jake took the girls to the park and texted me picture/video updates for my entertainment. He is now convinced that the girls are athletically gifted after witnessing them “pumping” on the swings.  Due to their height and obviously superior coordination and balance, he’s 100% sure the girls are going to be very talented athletes…I’m surprised he hasn’t contacted the local girls’ volleyball and basketball coaches yet to get them on the waiting list for try-outs.


I’m not convinced they are intentionally pumping here, but don’t tell him that!

Lots of love,


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