Sledding and Sleigh Rides

We are back from our adventure in Utah, having survived yet another ten hours in the car crammed between the twins for the fourth (and last) time within a month. I never thought I would say this, but we need a mini-van, stat! Our five-seater SUV just isn’t cutting it anymore. Even with the extra space in the rooftop carrier, Jake was squeezing every last toy and piece of luggage into every conceivable compartment in the car…we didn’t dare open the back at all, lest all our crap came flying out!

Back to our trip…we were lucky enough to have snow on the ground for the duration of our stay, which was a lot better than looking at brown, matted grass and slush–what it normally looks like during winter. My parents have a little hill in their backyard, so we decided to take the girls sledding for the first time. I borrowed some boots, a snow suit and snow coat from my friend, Sarah, which saved us from having to buy a set of snow clothes for one-time use. Since she only had one set available, I ended up going to Costco and buying a second coat/snow pants for Samantha. I got her a 2T, thinking she would be able to wear it again next winter. NOPE. It was a little bit long on the arms and legs, but that little 9-month tub of chub pretty much filled it out.

 Amelia all suited-up.


Uncle Mike descending the stairs with Amelia in painstakingly slow fashion…me yelling in the background that if he slipped and fell with Amelia in his arms, I would murder him, probably didn’t help.

Exploring the snow for the first time.


The girls were curiously disinterested in the snow at first. I had to force them to sit down and touch it.


Ice, ice baby.

Time to go down the hill!


Little thrill-seekers that they are, the girls giggled all the way down!


Double the sledding fun!


Aunt Sarah’s dog, Roger, was nice enough to grab the sled from underneath Jake and take it back up the hill for us. Bandit–take notes!


Again, again!


In addition to sledding, we took the girls for several rides in momma’s new “sleigh.” I’m so glad we don’t live in a cold climate because stuffing babies into snow pants, boots, coats, hats and gloves is no joke. The time it took to get them ready was almost as long as the outing itself.
This trail was recently paved behind my parents’ house, and it provided a great little pathway on which to fall even deeper in love with my BabyJogger Summit X3 (I just like saying the name). When they say it’s “all-terrain,” they mean it. We took this thing over snow, ice, and rocks and it positively FLOATED over everything. I thought it would be heavy, but it’s actually incredibly light and aerodynamic. It put the girls to sleep almost every time we took it out, which never happens with our other strollers. Ok, enough about the stroller. But seriously, it is the best thing ever. I love it so much. That is all.
More Utah adventures to come!
Lots of love,

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  1. I love how much you love your stroller!