Happy 10 Month Birthday!

We’ve officially reached the double digits! This time last year, Samantha and Amelia were partying it up in the womb and we got to see our little “Twin A” and “Twin B” every other week on ultrasound. It was crazy feeling FOUR hands and feet saying hello…usually right before I was about to go to sleep. Amelia (Twin B) was the party girl and we always had a hard time getting her to sit still for ultrasounds or stress tests.

One night, I was feeling a lot of contractions, so we went to Labor & Delivery where they hooked the girls up to the heartbeat monitors while they were checking me out. They found Samantha right away, but Amelia eluded them. We knew she was fine, but we couldn’t get her to stay still more than a few minutes before she would move and the monitors would have to be replaced all over again. We spent a record four hours in L&D trying to monitor Amelia before they finally let us go home. One of the nurses said that yes, placing the monitors on twins can be more difficult than a singleton, but she had NEVER had that much of a hard time in all her years at the hospital. I think they called in fifteen different nurses to give it a shot, and it ended up being the joke of the L&D wing that night. Twin B was a wiggly one!

Samantha (Twin A), on the other hand, was always the steady one and even back then, was always a pound or so bigger than her sister. Now, the difference ranges anywhere from two to three pounds.

At ten months, the girls are crawling at supersonic speed, pulling themselves up on everything, cruising around by holding onto furniture, trying to crawl up the stairs, and talking to each other constantly. Now, more than ever, they love to be together–when one is playing at the activity table, the other crawls over to join her; when one crawls over to the patio door to see what’s outside, the other follows suit. They hate being separated, love making each other laugh constantly, and it’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever. I hope they have a close relationship for the rest of their lives!

Aunt Sarah took some pictures of the girls after their 9 month birthday back in Utah, and you can tell from the photos how much fun they are getting to be! This mama feels like they are growing up way too fast…

Gimme that!

Hehe…no more sticker.
I love how bad I am. 

Mmmm, that was tasty. 

 That sister may be tricky, but she’s not as silly as me. 


Outfit change. 

So lemme get this straight…you’re GIVING me the remote to hold, even though you spent all day trying to take it away and hide it from me? 


You know, this thing isn’t really that cool now that we’ve actually played with it. 

I don’t get it. 

Amelia’s famous disappearing bottom lip face…just like her mama!
You’re telling me I’m HOW OLD?
I’m sure Grandpa will appreciate me slobbering on his toy. 

I’m not gonna lie…I love being the center of attention!
Football buddies!

Lots of love,


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