10 Month Favorites and Stats

Here are the girls’ 10 Month Favorite Things, plus their 10 Month Stats!

1. BabyJogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller. Need I say more? I think enough of my previous posts have been dedicated to my love for this stroller, so I won’t go into too much detail. It’s probably not the girls’ favorite thing ever since they generally don’t like being confined at all, but I think they are way more comfortable in it than in our little double umbrella stroller. The suspension on this thing is amazing, I love the feature that locks the front wheel in case I’m going over any rough trails or rocks, and I love the foot break and hand break features as well. It glides over any kind of terrain and is super light-weight. By far my favorite baby product of all time.

2. Mega Blocks Lego Table–This was a gift from Ana and her family and she knew exactly what the girls would love! They will spend twenty minutes (an eternity in baby time) taking the legos off this thing and putting them back on. It’s also the perfect height at which the girls can pull themselves up, which is one of their favorite things to do right now.

3. Homemade Jungle Gym. Jake spent a lot of time perfecting this jungle gym for the girls’ Christmas present. He initially looked around online for some baby monkey bars, and when he couldn’t find any, decided to make his own.  It’s simple, but effective and fun. The girls love pulling themselves to stand and trying to grab whatever toys we dangle from the bars. When Jake gets home from work, his favorite activity is to help the girls swing and “do gymnastics” on the monkey bars. Everyone who stops by our house always asks where they can get one…maybe Jake should start a side business!

4. Personalized Board Books: Jake made me one of these a few months ago entitled “Why We Love Momma” so for Christmas, I made one called “Why We Love Daddy.” The website where you upload the photos and text is super easy to use and it’s fun having the girls read board books with pictures of our family and a story to match.

5. Baby Lit Books– This is another one of those things that might be one of my favorites instead of one of the girls. This company takes the classics and makes them into adorable, baby-friendly board books. Grandma bought the girls A Christmas CarolJabberwocky and Alice in Wonderland for Christmas and they are definitely my favorite books to read the girls. Next on our list is to get the Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Anna Karenina board books!

6. Summer Infant Tiny Diner Place Mats– These placemats were a lifesaver with all the traveling and going out to restaurants we did this month. We could just throw them in the diaper bag, whip out at a restaurant and voila, the girls could eat on the table without me freaking out about sanitizing every surface. I’m sure other people saw us with the placemats and thought, “Yep, first time parents,” but I still think these are amazing! The only pain having to put the dirty placemat  back in the diaper bag to be washed at home, until we discovered some disposable baby placemats at Wal Mart that solve this problem.

Ten Month Stats: 

Samantha: 25.5 pounds, 31.5 inches tall (above the 95th percentile, as per usual)!

Amelia: 23.2 pounds, 30.5 inches tall (also around the 90th percentile)!

Firsts and Milestones:

Third road trip to Utah

First time sledding and playing in the snow

First Christmas

First New Year’s

First time on the baby swings

First time playing in the sand at the beach

Started babbling and interacting more

Started waving hello and goodbye more

First time up at Park City

First time being baby sat by Grandma and Grandpa while we saw a movie

Cruised around on the furniture all day long

Hated: Baths, diaper changes, being put in car seat, being spoon-fed


Started clapping her hands

Started making more funny noises

Started walking with the walker toy

Ear infection while in Utah 🙁

Started standing up in the bath tub and refusing to sit down!

Crawled everywhere with a sock in her hand or mouth

Favorite foods: Cuties, bread, cheese, lasagna, butternut squash, Cheerios


Started making more funny noises/popping her mouth open and closed

Started walking with the walker

Started standing up in the bath tub and refused to sit down!

Loved to crawl everywhere with a measuring spoon or cup in her hand

Loved to steal toys and pacifiers from Amelia!

Favorite foods: Cuties, bread, cheese, lasagna, butternut squash, sweet potato/apple combo

Feeding: Both girls started consolidating their bottle feedings this month. Instead of snacking on 3-4 ounces every few hours, the girls had a pretty regular schedule of drinking a 6-8 ounce bottle every 4 hours during the day. Since I dropped pumping to two times a day, they only got about 20% breast milk and 80% formula.

The girls continued to try new foods this month and, for the most part, hated being spoon-fed. For breakfast, they ate oatmeal and prunes/applesauce/peaches and some cut up banana and cutie oranges. Sometimes they had some scrambled egg yolk and pieces of toast as well.

For lunch, the girls had some kind of pureed veggie or fruit (if they allowed me to spoon-feed them, which was rare), as well as steamed and cut up sweet potato, pears, apples, carrots, butternut squash, or smashed blueberries/raspberries. Their absolute favorite food was cheese, but I’m fairly certain they have a lactose sensitivity like Jake because they would get really gassy and sometimes fussy at night whenever they had cheese or yogurt. I stopped feeding them dairy all together for a while, but our ped said to reintroduce the dairy a little at a time.

For dinner, the girls had steamed or pureed veggies as well as some pureed or cut up chicken, turkey or beef. Their favorite foods were noodles, lasagna and anything the grown-ups were eating!

Sleeping: We finally got the girls off of the three-nap schedule over Christmas break, so they started taking two naps of 1-1.5 hours each, one at 10 a.m. and the other around 2:30 p.m. For naps, I discovered that putting them in their boppies on the floor worked a lot better than having them nap in their cribs and it’s helped them nap longer as well. I get stuff done around the living room where I can supervise them and they sleep the whole time since they can’t hear me with the white noise on.

At nighttime, Samantha decided to wake up at random times, while Amelia usually slept through the night, unless awoken by her sister. For the most part, Samantha woke up once a night (sometimes twice) and would go right back to sleep once we popped the pacifier in, but sometimes, she would cry until she was held and then fell back to sleep. She definitely has some ingrained sleep habits we are trying to break, but it has been tough! Bed time was 7 p.m. and wake-up time was 6:30-7 a.m., except when we were on vacation in Utah, in which case the girls slept in until 8 a.m.!

Diapers: Size 4

Clothing: Samantha wore anywhere from 18 month to 2T while Amelia wore 12-18 month clothing.

Teeth: Still two teeth each!

Fave songs/games:

Lots of Christmas carols this month, especially ones in French– Noel Nouvelet, Il Est Né le Divin Enfant, Un Flambeau Jeannette Isabella

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Flying Trapeze

Do You Know the muffin man

Pat a cake

This little piggy

Fave books:

Peekaboo Christmas

Mr. Brown Can Moo

Moo Boo La La La

Peek a Who

The girls had so many firsts and milestones that they experienced this month and all of it was fun to watch!

Lots of love,


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