Vacation Recovery

We are back home and still in vacation recovery mode. Turns out, the girls did have an ear infection and sore throat as confirmed by the doc we saw while in Utah on Friday. No wonder they were so cranky while we were there! I’m glad we finally figured out what it was, but feel so bad for them that they were so miserable all week. Once we started them on meds, they seemed a lot happier and the drive home Saturday morning was bearable. 
We said our goodbyes around 2 a.m. Cali time and arrived back home ten hours later. The girls were asleep the entire time, except for a two-hour stretch in the morning, which included a very exciting diaper change and breakfast pit stop at the Primm McDonald’s. As usual, the twins were the stars of the show and totally ate up all the attention. My quest to not act like a germaphobic freak in public was put to its greatest test yet as the girls attempted to touch every table and surface while we were in line. SHUDDER.
Thankfully, we made it home safely and a balmy 75 degree day was there to greet us. The worst part about coming home from vacation was realizing it was only noon, the girls were going to be up for another seven hours, and there were no family members eager to watch the girls while we napped. In the absence of anyone to take the girls from us, we napped when they napped and somehow made it through the rest of the weekend. 
Monday, Jake is back to work and it’s back to the daily grind, which means the girls are in for a rude awakening. WHAT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE’S NO ONE TO HOLD US 24/7? 
I have a feeling it’s not going to be a fun week for me, either. 
Back to Utah…over the Thanksgiving break, Aunt Sarah took some family pictures out in my parents’ backyard. 
A few pics of the girls in their too-big coats: 

Once the coats and hats were off, we rushed to get in as many pictures as possible before the girls got too cold. 

Who are those weirdos jumping up and down and waving at me hysterically?
Just pose like me, Amelia, so we can go back inside!

We employed Bandit and Aunt Sarah’s dog, Roger, to create some entertainment in order to get the girls to smile, but all that really did was make the girls look in the opposite direction from us.

C’mon, Amelia! Just smile!

Grandma with Samantha and Grandpa with Amelia. 



Can’t tell if Samantha is laughing or crying in this one with Great Grandpa. Also note the two teeth per twin!

Aunt Sarah and her boyfriend, Mike, along with Roger and Bandit. 

What is that black furry thing hanging down from your face?

 Uncle Mike missed our outdoor pictures, but the girls insisted on a picture with him later on that night in their Thanksgiving attire. 

Thanksgiving 2013…so many pictures, so little time!

Lots of love,


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