Slides, Shrek and Sweet Potatoes

Before the rain hit and temps dropped, the girls and I have been hitting up the park by our house multiple times a day due to the twin’s newfound penchant for slides and sand. 
Getting out the phone again to take pictures? Very original, mom.  

I’m on top of the world!

Climbing across the slide to grab your phone and attempt to eat it? Challenge accepted. 
The twins have been “playing” together a lot more recently. They’ll follow each other around, smile and laugh with each other and babble in a language only they can understand. I think I’m witnessing the beginnings of the universally recognized phenomenon of “twin speak,” the secret language spoken between twins. 
The original home video of these cute twins has over 89 million views on YouTube. I really need to start videoing the girls more! I like Ellen’s subtitles: 

I don’t always look confused. But when I do, I look confused AND adorable. 

Later that day, Amelia mysteriously transformed into Shrek. I knew she had some ogre in there somewhere. 

In other news, the girls have started climbing…couches, stairs, cubby holes, you name it. Goodbye delicate vase, which is now exiled to the far reaches of the higher shelves. 


Heh…heh…nothing to see here, mommy!
Later yesterday evening, the girls had some special visitors stop by…Great Uncle David and Great Aunt Linda! Great Auntie Lynn also stopped by for a few minutes to drop off some cute outfits for the girls. Unfortunately, Samantha and Amelia were not in the best mood, and were not feeling very sociable. I was so busy dealing with the cranky littles that I didn’t get any pictures, but hopefully we will be able to have a longer, less cranky visit after the holidays and can snap some then. 
Perhaps the girls would have been nicer had I let them partake of one of our favorite holiday traditions…every year (barring home renovations) Aunt Linda and Uncle David bring us bags full of goodies…homemade cookies and delectable homemade fudge being our faves. Now that I think about it, I’m sure the twins were angry that they didn’t get to try any of the sweets…
After our visitors left, we managed to pacify the girls for a few minutes by letting them eat at the table with us. Due to the horrifyingly disgusting mess you are about to see, viewer discretion is advised. 

Whodunnit? Samantha. In the dining room. With the sweet potato. 

Close up of the damage. 

Even Bandit couldn’t handle this big of a clean-up job. Luckily, I had one of the “have Jake do one really annoying random chore free” coupons Jake gave me last year for Valentine’s and knew this would be the perfect occasion in which to cash it.

 While Jake scrubbed babies, high chairs, and everything within a mile radius of the table, I relaxed upstairs eating Aunt Linda’s fudge. Chocolate is even sweeter when you know you just avoided something you really didn’t want to do.

Lots of love,


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