Happy 9 Month Birthday!

It’s official! The twins have officially been out of me longer than they were inside me! In contrast to my torturously loooooong pregnancy with them last year, the past nine months they’ve been out in the world have flown by at mach speed. 
I remember being pregnant with them around this time last year and how hot I was CONSTANTLY despite the cold weather (Cali standards, remember?) I would have all the windows open day and night (and sometimes the air conditioning on during the day), even if it was 40 degrees outside. Poor Jake basically lived in his snowboarding jacket and beanie 24/7. 
Despite the messes and general craziness, I have to say 9 months is my favorite stage yet! The girls are crawling, standing, interacting, laughing all the time and soaking up everything around them. I love to open up a book and see them come crawling toward me to sit on my lap, or watch them be absolutely enthralled with the sound of a metal measuring cup on a pot. The look on their faces when Jake gets home is so precious; I love to see them flap their arms and laugh in anticipation of being picked up and put on his shoulders. Jake says his favorite part of each day is snuggling the girls on the rocking chair as they fall asleep every night. I know they cherish their daddy-daughter time too!
Amelia had way too much fun with her spaghetti today. 

I think Bandit and the floor are getting a more balanced diet than these two clowns. They are pretty much refusing to be spoon fed at this point and only want to feed themselves, even though they aren’t very good at it yet. I have absolutely no idea from whom they get their stubbornness 🙂

My goal was to make cupcakes to celebrate their birthday today, but I got too busy cleaning up after the girls’ messes to attempt more chaos in the kitchen. Instead of cupcakes, I indulged in some Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Carmels as the girls jealously ate their carrots. BWAHAHAHA.

Samantha checks to make sure her diapers are in stock. 

Happy birthday to me!

Amelia loves to find lone socks on the floor and carry them around in her hand or mouth. When there’s no socks to be found (which doesn’t happen very often…baby socks on the floor are pretty much a given, kind of like popcorn on the floor of the movie theater)  she pulls one right off of her sister’s foot. How convenient! Also note the mismatched socks. I’ve definitely given up any pretenses of matching clothes, let alone socks at this point, considering Amelia went through three clothing changes today.

For no reason whatsoever, Samantha decided to climb in the laundry basket all by herself. This was all too tempting of a situation for Amelia to resist. 

Babyland’s 3rd Law: What goes in, must come out. TIMBER! 

It was a pretty low-key birthday, but the girls didn’t seem to mind. They’re chill like that. 
Lots of love, 

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