Glutton for Punishment

Lately, (and by lately, I mean the past month!), Samantha and Amelia have become really stubborn when it comes to me spoon-feeding them (and by stubborn, I mean grabbing the spoon from me, choking themselves by thrusting the spoon in their mouths and throwing food all over the walls) . They will tolerate oatmeal and prunes/pears/applesauce in the morning, and the occasional pureed carrot or squash for lunch or dinner, but, for the most part, they squeal until they get a taste of whatever we happen to be eating and then insist on picking it up themselves. 
One of their new favorite foods is also probably one of the messiest…lasagna. The other day, I cooked up one of those big-enough-to-feed-a-small-country frozen lasagnas from Costco, and the girls went nuts. We were eating said lasagna for days, so the girls had tastes of it for lunch or dinner a lot this past week. I skimmed off the cheese and ricotta for them since I’m fairly certain they have a dairy sensitivity…(like father, like daughters).  Even without the cheese, they demanded more noodles and meat after clearing their trays.  
Surprise of the century: white shirts and lasagna are not a good combo. 

Look into my eyes and you will give me what I want. 

I’m fairly certain that’s meat up Amelia’s nose. 

And that’s definitely a green bean on her neck. 

Great Grandpa came over for lunch earlier this week and witnessed first-hand what dainty little eaters pigs the girls are when feeding themselves.

Even with the not-so-fun clean-up, watching the girls try new foods is always one of the most entertaining parts of my day. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

Lots of love,


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